1. Choose a character and situation from the list below. Consider the events      
from the novel and assume the character's persona as you complete the writing      
assignment. Be sure to use language appropriate for your character. The content      
of the letter should reflect your interpretation of the character and his      
or her relationships and knowledge of the story. 
     · Write a letter from Chris's father to Chris explaining his actions.      
     · Writer a letter from Chris's mother to Chris explaining Mr. Cook's      
     · Write a letter from Chris to her mother describing her confusion      
 	   about Adam and asking for help. 
     · Write a letter from Adam to Chris's father. 
     · Write a letter from Adam's mother to Chris's mother. 

2. Write a scene in which Chris and Adam meet a year after the events in the      
novel end. 
3. Chris learns that her community holds many views about the refugees. What      
are the differing views? What are some ways in which Americans today react      
to immigrants? How are these feelings different from or the same as those      
expressed by Oswegonians in the novel? 
4. Think about Chris's neighbor, Mr. Richards. Why is he in this novel? What      
might his role be?