Consider the title of the novel and write about what you believe to be its final  
significance. Ask yourself, how does the novel relate to the folk tale 
("A  man who sees two suns in the sky is never the same") from which its title  
is taken? What are the novel's "two suns"? Who changes, and how do they  change? 
Other possible topics for compositions include the following: 
   · Discuss why the beating was not shown explicitly in the book. 
   · Discuss how newspaper articles are used in the book. 
   · Each chapter begins with a quote from a former resident of the shelter,    
an Oswegonian, or from Romeo and Juliet. Choose one and discuss how it influenced    
your reading of the chapter and of the novel. 
   · Examine one character in the book who seems to be static - that is,    
who doesn't seem to change. What do you think that character's role is?