Comprehension Questions

     1. How does Adam hide his Jewish identity while he's living in Rome?
	 2. Why doesn't Adam's mother want to leave Italy? 
     3. Why has Chris packed her "Wac bag"? 
	 4. What does Adam mean when he says the typist who put his mother's name on      
		the Notice of Acceptance "knows nothing of choosing"? 
	 5. What does Chris want when she turns fifteen? Why does she hope to meet      
		a boy who's at least sixteen? 
	 6. Why does Chris go to the fort to see the refugees file in? 
	 7. Why does it annoy Chris when her father takes the toaster apart? 
	 8. When Ralph finds an empty barracks, Adam tells him, "It is good to      
		find a place away from everyone." What are some of the reasons why he      
		wants to be away from everyone? 
	 9. Why can't Chris tell Father Walters about her trips to the camp? 
	 10. On page 81, we learn what blue stars, silver stars, and gold stars stand      
		 for. What do these stars signify? Why is gold best? Why does Aunt Nell react      
	     to them the way she does? 
	 11. What does Adam's mother mean when she says "We are waiting for life to begin"? 
	 12. Why can't Adam mail his letter to his father? 
	 13. Why does Chris's father object to inviting Adam for Thanksgiving dinner?      
	 14. After the game of Ten Bible Questions, why is Chris mad at both Adam and      
		 her father? 
	 15. Who is the Demented One? How does being "demented" save his life? 
	 16. Why is it important for Chris to give Adam new gloves at Christmas? 
	 17. When they fight after Roosevelt's inauguration, why does Chris tell her      
		 father that her name is Christine Augustina Cookstein? 
	 18. When Chris tells Adam about her nightmare, whose hands does she say were      
         grabbing at her? 
	 19. Why couldn't Chris's family have a "normal funeral" for Dick?      
	 20. Why does Adam hate making lists? 
	 21. Why does Chris agree to go skiing with John Sanders? What does her father      
		 like about him? 
	 22. Why does Chris take a job at the Swiss Chocolates Company? In what ways      
         is chocolate a weapon? 
	 23. Adam waits until after their trip to New York City to give his Christmas      
		 present to Chris. Why does he wait so long? Why does he feel he has to give      
	     this present to her? 
	 24. What does Chris wish for when she turns sixteen? How come?