Discussion Questions

Part 1 

Two Suns in the Sky is written from two points of view. Look carefully at      
the scene in which Chris sees Adam for the first time and Adam arrives at      
the shelter. How does point of view affect the way in which they interpret      
the same scene?
Chris describes her world as a bubble and her father's world      
as a walnut. What is the difference between these conceptions of the world?
Chris talks about her father's relationship to his Ford and      
her grandmother's relationship to her car. How does the treatment differ?      
What does that say about the ways these two characters treat the people and      
things they love?
After Chris and Adam kiss each other, Chris remembers a game      
she used to play with the globe in her room. Why does she think of the globe      
again? Examine the globe as a symbol in this text. 
Part 2 
Look at Robert Frost's poem "Mending Wall." How do the occupants      
of the refugee shelter feel about their fence? Explore the varying thoughts      
and differences of opinion and think about why there are differing views.
In the novel's beginning, Chris wants to run away from Mrs.      
Dubchek, but later she thinks about how nice it would be to sit on the older      
woman's porch and knit. Why do Chris's feelings change?
Chris asks Adam if he'd like her to wear a star. Adam asks her      
what she wishes, and she admits that she wants the cross. What does that particular      
section mean to you?
Chris feels freer inside the fence, but she knows Adam feels      
freer outside. What does freedom represent for these two characters? Do they      
ever find a place to feel free together?