WMU Fall 2021 Courses: Bradley J. Bazuin, Ph.D.

Courses: ECE 4600_5640 or ECE 6560

ECE 4600_5640


Communication Systems, 3 Credits
Lecture MWF 10:30-11:20 A, C-123

Introduction to analog (AM, FM, PM) and digital communication systems (ASK, PSK, FSK). Design constraints of noise and bandwidth and signal path loss, comparison of various modulation and demodulation techniques, and statistical methods for detetermining signal-to-noise ratios and bit-error-rates. General rules-of-thumb for the design of communications systems will be provided, including receiver/transmitter architecture and filter design.

Required Textbook: A. Bruce Carlson, P.B. Crilly, J.C. Rutledge, Communication Systems, 5th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2010. ISBN: 0-07-338040-7.

Required Computer Software: MATLAB, Student Edition, MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox - The MathWorks LTSpice - analog Devices

Prerequisites: ECE 3800 and MATLAB

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ECE 6560


Multirate Digital Signal Processing, 3 Credits
Lecture MW 5-6:15 PM, CEAS A-213

This advanced digital signal processing class will develop the theory, Matlab simulations and define various implementations of digital multirate signal processing. Topics covered will include digital filtering, filter-decimation, interpolation-filtering, rational rate changes, CIC filters, half-band filtering, polyphase filters, and filter bank analysis and synthesis.

Required Textbook:
frederic j. harris, Multirate Signal Processing for communication systems, 2nd ed., River Publishers, 2021.
ISBN: 978-87-7022-210-5.

Required Materials/Tools:
MATLAB, Student Edition, MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox, The Math Works, Inc.

Prerequisites: ECE 5550 and ECE 3800/5820 and ECE 4600/5640 or equivalent.

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