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Electrical/Computer Engineering Design II (0-6), 3 Credits

Senior electrical/computer engineering design project. A continuation of ECE 481. A formal written report and a formal presentation is required at the end of the semester.


ECE 4810 Electrical/Computer Engineering Design II

Topics to be tentatively covered in this course include:

  • Course Introduction and Orientation
  • Open - ended design and project management and associated tools
  • Engineering safety
  • Contemporary issues in engineering (through college seminars)
  • Technical writing elements for the final project report
  • Teams meet weekly with faculty advisors for review of progress and guidance in the specifics of the project design
  • Teams meet and work independently under self - managed schedule (5+ hours/week)
  • Information for inclusion in Senior Design Project Presentations Conferenc Brochure
  • Guidelines for oral presentation and final report preparations
  • Presentation at the College’s Annual Senior Design Projects Conference of the formal design and project results

Semester Key Dates for class and course coordinator

Draft of abstract due in class 15 September
Conference Infpormation Packet due 5pm 21 September
Progress Report #1 due 29 September
Progress Report #2 due 13 October
Progress Report #3 due 27 October
First Draft Final Report 10 November
Exit Interview 17, 20 & 21 November
Revised Draft Final Report due 22 November by noon
Oral Presentation 5 December
Final Report due 8 December by 5pm
Peer Evaluation Froms due 11 December

Senior Engineering Design Project Presentation Day:

5 December



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