WMU Educational Solar Garden

Initial Funding

The WMU educational solar garden was founded by two grants from Consumers Energy as part of the WMU-Consumers Energy Solar Garden Installation (press release). The educational solar garden goals are to provide an accessible solar installation that can be used for education and research and to provide seminars and educational opportunities to a full range of community groups.

Educational Solar Garden

The initial installation consists of two types of solar collecters, two different mounting systems, and two different solar to grid power inverters. The time sequence of the solar array construction can be viewed "here".

Seminars and Educational Opportunities

The educational focus is on the community and students. Our goal is to provide information and knowledge to those who need to know about solar energy and solar power related installations, such as firefighters and other first responders, government development, zoning and regulatory individuals and organizations, and those on close or nearby contact with installations, and those interested to know more, including students, businesses, and utility customers.

Educational Material:

Considerations for Firefighters

Danger Electricity


All About Circuits: The Importance of Electrical Safety

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

(1) Free on-line course: Firefighter Safety and PV

(2) R. Rackstrom and D.A. Dini, Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic Installations Research Project

Study Guide: Electrical Safety Hazards Awareness, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Center of Excellence for Electrical Safety