Collegiate Objective
I chose to come to college to further my education an one day make enough money so I could sit back and say that I am finically stable but since I have been here I have learned that my objective here is more than just to be in the books until I get a degree. I have learned that college will help me later on with life more than just money. For example living here on campus is a life lesson alone teaching me how to become an independent person instead of tending to my parents all the time like how I was use to.

I plan to get as high of grades as possible with my goals of course exceeding a 3.5 so I can be honored with saying I made it to the deans list of Western Michigan University. Also from the grades prospective I want to achieve a high enough GPA to be accepted in Western Michigan's Nursing program where then I can worry about getting my degree and being able to be finically stable. The plan that I have for college will not be easy but all the trial and error that come with the college life will teach me things in different aspects that will  one day be looked back upon saying I'm happy I went through it all.