Computer Science
   My goal for college is to find a sense of purpose. I would like to exit school knowing what I want to dedicate my life to doing. There is also a urge in me to meet as many people as I can, and make lifelong connections. By the end of my college career I would like to have the knowledge and tools to be succesful in my career path. This isn't just an objective to me for college, but instead something I can use for the rest of my professional career.
  Growing personally is also very important for me. When I leave this institution I want to have learned a lot, and have a bit of experience of life under my belt. Knowing struggles that only a college student may understand. It is to one of my beliefs that in times of struggle one shows the greatest growth. For me change doesn't come with ease but it is necessary to continue to develop as a person.
  One of the goals I have regarding grades is to always have better than a 3.5 cummulative. This way I could keep both job and further education options open. Ensuring my staying power in the work force. Not only to be a great worker, but being an outstanding leader and individual. One day I would like to leave a mark on this field and it be a positive one.