Collegiate Objective
         College is a time in a perons life that they start to make decisions that will set the path for the rest of their future. My time here at Western Michigan University will be spent pursuing a major in Business Managment with a minor in Business. So far, Western has introduced me business objectives that are necessary for a functioning business day. My goal by the end of my time here at Western is to be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to not only own a company, but to own a successful business that many people are interested in. I want to learn enough information that will provide a satisfying carrer but also a carrer that I will enjoy and take vast interest in daily. This class, so far, has taught me the ways of working in a business and the technical side of it. By the end of my time here at Western, I am hopeing companies or corporations will be seeking me out to begin my carrer with them. I am looking forward to what Western Michigan University has to offer me in my upcoming years.