Benefits of Biodiesel use

  1. Adds less carbon to the atmosphere.
  2. Burns cleaner than corresponding petroleum-based fuels.
  3. High energy balance (3.2*)
  4. Is free of sulfur and aromatic compounds.
  5. Diesel vehicles are inherently more efficient.
  6. Standard diesel motors can use the fuel without modification.
  7. Can use existing fuel distribution and road networks.
  8. Has higher lubricity – aids motor longevity.
  9. Is a renewable fuel domestically produced from agricultural resources.
  10. Is nontoxic and biodegradable and easy to clean up.
  11. Is safer (considered "not flammable” w/flash point > 300° F).
  12. Has fantastic solvent properties.
  13. Can be used in place of other petroleum products.
*Life Cycle Inventory of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel for Use in an Urban Bus, US DOE and USDA, May 1998. (based on soybean oil)