Britt Hartenberger

Department of Anthropology
Moore Hall Room 1013
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Archaeologist working in the Middle East. Research interests: Technology, development of social complexity, prehistoric economies, craft specialization, organization of production, household studies

Britt Hartenberger

Current Courses
Spring 2016: Lost Worlds
Past courses at WMU: Archaeology of Civilization, Early Technologies, Archaeology of Households, Introduction to Archaeology, Archaeology of the Middle East, Archaeology of Civilization, Origins of Cities, Archaeology of Gender, Rise of Civilization, Origins of Agriculture, and Lost Worlds.
Cuneiform text

Ziyaret Tepe in southeastern Turkey. I am working on analysis of the lithics (ground and chipped stone) and microdebris from households at the site.
• Research on the replacement of stone tools by bronze over the Neolithic - Bronze Age in northern Mesopotamia.
• Final publication of Titris Höyük lithics

Past Research
Analysis of lithics from EBA Titris Höyük, Turkey
   Dissertation abstract and photos from Canaanean blade workshop

   Titris bibliography 

Final publication of lithics from Lerna, Greece

Titris HoyukCanaanean blades
Curriculum vitae

Also a part-time instructor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University.

Formerly Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, Kalamazoo College (2009-2010; 2013), Lecturer in Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology, Yale University (2006-2007) and Program Coordinator at the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) a non-profit organization dedicated to archaeological research in the Near East (1999-2006).