Collegiate Objective

I am attending college to better myself. College doesn't solve all of your problems, but it is a place that allows you to discover yourself and learn the skills necessary to survive in a demanding world. The current careers that are in demand in our current society require employees to have degrees. It is important to have a degree because it is not simply just a piece of paper. A degree symbolizes a person’s knowledge and perseverance. I am pursing a degree in business in order to have a successful career later on in my life. I view college as a bridge between me and my future career. I know that there are a lot of opportunities for social interaction with others during college but I know that I am here for an education and that is my number one concern. My focus on college is why I will try effortlessly to graduate from Western Michigan University on the Dean’s List. I will also try to network and join several groups to increase my appeal to potential employees. When I graduate I know that I will succeed because you get what you put in and I will put in my all.