The 2005 Seminar and Study Tour featured Brazil, South America's largest country. Fifteen students and over a dozen faculty and community members attended all or part of the Seminar. Thirteen students and faculty members traveled to Brazil.

Seminar on Brazil

The Seminar on Brazil, a 500-level special topics course met on three weekends during the 2005 spring semester. Classes ran from 5 - 10 pm on Friday evenings and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. Guest speakers, videos, readings, music, and foods from Brazil introduced participants to South America's largest country. The syllabus describes the Seminar activities.

Study Tour to Brazil

Thirteen excited students and faculty left for Brazil on Sunday, April 24, 2005 and returned on Sunday, May 9, 2005. The links on the sidebar provide more information and photographs of the locations and activities of the Study Tour. The syllabus describes the goals and assignments.


History of the Seminar and Study Tour Program

The department of Family & Consumer Sciences first offered the seminar and study tour combination in 2000 when faculty members Marlene Breu, Margie Geasler, Maija Petersons, and Pat Viard designed a Seminar on Turkey and then led a two-week Study Tour to Turkey. Two years later, Maija Petersons, assisted by Marlene Breu, Pat Viard and Karen Blaisure, organized a Seminar and Study Tour to Latvia.

The original idea for a two-week study abroad experience developed during the FCS 1999 winter retreat. It was reasoned that a structured, short-term international experience, combined with a preparatory seminar, would provide an opportunity for students to gain cross-cultural knowledge and practice who otherwise might not study abroad for a semester or academic year.

The countries chosen for study have been those with which faculty have had personal and/or professional ties. Dr. Breu has and continues to conduct research on textiles in Turkey; Dr. Petersons is a Latvian America and has consulted extensively on nutritional matters with the Latvian government; and Dr. Blaisure lived in Brazil as an exchange student and continues visiting family and friends there.