Turkey 2000

  • Family & Consumer Sciences faculty with expertise in family studies, foods and nutrition, interior design and textiles and apparel conducted a study tour to Turkey May 7 - 21, 2000. Objectives of the tour were to study all aspects of Turkish traditions and customs from the ancient to the modern as they relate to families. Specifically we looked at :
  • Family life, education, and religion
  • Traditional and contemporary textiles and dress
  • Art, architecture and interior design
  • Food and festivities
  • Nutritional issues for families
Photos were taken by Pat Viard, Maija Petersons, Margie Geasler, and Rebecca Rochet unless noted otherwise.

Turkey's Beauty


Day 1


Marlene Breu - Faculty/Textiles & Apparel Roberta Cianciolo - Interior Design Student
Margie Geasler - Faculty/Family Studies Melodye James - Family Life Ed. M.S.
Maija Petersons - Faculty/Foods & Nutrition Naradain (Frank the Bank) James - G M
Pat Viard - Faculty/Interior Design Rebecca Rochet -Textiles Faculty Dalton GA
Stephanie Brentin - Interior Design Student Kasia Slewinski - MSU Student
Kate Crosby - Shaw Theater Costume Shop Designer Julia Yoder - Family Studies Student