George Broomell - Experience

B.S.E.E., University of Kentucky
M.S.E.E., Purdue University
30+ credits towards PhD, University of Ky.
Philadelphia, PA (~7 yrs.):
Naval Ship Engineering Center - Philadelphia Division, Turbo Power Group, Electrical Section
Field Service Engineer, Electrical Ship Systems
 Wide variety of assignments at many locations including:
Regulated motor-generator system troubleshooting.
100 KW no-break (uninterruptable) power supplies.
200 KW 60-400Hz DC-link solid state regulation systems.
400 Hz., 440V.. waveform analysis under complex loads.
Sample locations: US Naval bases and shipyards, Guam, Subic, Guantanamo, Japan, Honolulu, France, Italy, Greece.
Sample ships: USS Saratoga, USS JFK, USS Nautilus, USS Skipjack, USS Albany, USS Annapolis, USS Arlington.

Lexington, KY (~7 yrs):
Licensed Professional Engineer
Independent Consultant
Built and designed small, custom IC and microprocessor systems.
Analyzed circuits and wrote technical documentation for special-purpose audio system.
University of Kentucky
Research associate in multi-processor switching systems
Authored survey article in Computing Reviews
Taught labs in solid state electronics, microwaves, etc.
Taught electrical engineering course for non-electrical engineering majors.
Managed PDP-11 Unix research computer
Established first link between this computer and University instructional mainframe
First University Network Manager
Supervised installation and activation of broadband (CATV) Ungerman-Bass University-wide system
Kalamazoo, MI (~25 yrs):
Western Michigan University
Manager of Networking / Network Engineer