This is a typical house for a woman to build during the dry season in the lowlands.  It is constructed of small poles with heavier poles used as center posts.  Woven fiber mats (suuti) on the roof protect against rain and wind.  Animal hides line the sleeping areas and provide a windbreak on the outside walls. Removing hides from some walls provides ventilation and light. Belongings (including food) are tied to the walls or placed on a shelf constructed of small poles.  Note the house fire, left foreground.  The fire is always near the sleeping area of the woman who built (and who owns) the house.           Second Interior View           Exterior View


This is a shop constructed in a rural Samburu settlement.  It is constructed of poles, mud, and thatch--not a typical Samburu house construction.  While a Samburu house is barely taller than the woman who built it, with a door too low to pass through without stooping, this shop can be entered standing.  Items for sale here include some food staples like maize flour, sugar, unground maize, packages of tea leaves in assorted sizes, AA batteries, and--sometimes--a few hard candies.               Shop exterior view

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