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National Science Foundation (# 1430860) 2014-2017. "Collaborative Research: Vulnerable Transitions and Cumulative Embodied Stress Among Teens in High-Risk, High States Pastoralism."

Dual PI, Ivy Pike (University of Arizona). Kenyan Affiliate and Collaborator: Charles Olungah (University of Nairobi). Additional Personnel: Charles Hilton (The University at Albany). Graduate Students: Brianna Forbis (Western Michigan University), Erica Tyler (The University at Albany).

These data have been recently collected (2015-2017) and are in the process of being entered and analyzed. Quantitative data were collected with ~ 200 Samburu teens, 100 Pokot Teens, and 100 Turkana Teens and their parents. Data listed below is for data collected in Samburu only. Contact Ivy Pike concerning Turkana and Pokot data.

1. 2015-2017: Anthropometric data: height, weight, skin fold.

2. 2016: c-reactive protein, Epstein Barr Virus, and full metal panel for 64 lowland Samburu teens.

3. 2016: injury, vulnerability, and stress interviews; psychological instrumentation of anxiety & depression in subsample of Samburu teens.

4. 2017: c-reactive protein, Epstein Barr Virus in process, and hemoglobin complete for 65 lowland Samburu teens and 97 highland Samburu teens - full metal panel will be included for 97 highland Samburu teens.

5. 2017: psychological instrumentation and emotional vulnerability, food security, and drought experience interviews for 65 lowland Samburu teens and 97 highland Samburu teens.