Baringo Bilinda on elephant cell signal

Dissertation 1992-1994: Altered Landscapes, Shifting Strategies: The Politcs of Location in the Constitution of Gender, Belief, and Identity Among Samburu Pastoralists in Northern Kenya. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Committee: Bruce Mannheim, Gracia Clark, Roy Rappaport, Corinne Kratz, Maxwell Owusu, Anne Larimore.

Qualitative data included intensive participant observation, recorded life history and thematic interviews, recorded structured interviews, and recordings of songs sung by girls, women, and warriors. Recorded interviews are transcribed and translated but not digitized. Quantitative data included time allocation surveys in 3 sites comprising ~1,000 individuals ages 0 to 99, census, household composition, market involvement, employment, religion, and women's gift exchange. Most quantitative data is digitized as of 2017.

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