Baringo Bilinda on elephant cell signal

Welcome to Anthropology 5330 Museums & Material Culture Class Projects. The class was first offered in 2006, when students worked in groups to create several virtual museum projects. Starting in 2009, the entire class has worked collaboratively to create a live museum installation with a virtual component that lives on after the museum exhibit is taken down.

Please note: Due to server limitations, for now we can point to externally hosted exhibits but can only host one virtual exhibit not hosted externally - 2006 Alaska. Other exhibits are archived in case of additional future server space. If these are your class' projects, please contact Bilinda Straight about external hosting. With those caveats, please enjoy the links below that will take you to the products our students (most of them now alumni) have created.

2006 Alaska (click on each of the 3 pics individually)

2006 Heroes (Offline pending server space - sorry!)

2006 Samburu Adornment (Offline pending server space - sorry!)

2007 A Doll's Life

2009 Maasai Material Culture (students consulted with the late Professor Emeritus Alan Jacobs for this exhibit - we are very sorry it's offline pending server space)

2013 Sapisho(Offline pending server space - sorry!)

2014 Pilgrimage

2016 Fears and Phobias