Baringo Bilinda on elephant cell signal

Qualitative Data for 2001-2017 consistes of recorded thematic interviews as listed below. All are transcribed and translated but not digitized. These are sensitive in nature and would need to be heavily redacted before sharing. All interviews are with Samburu unless noted otherwise.

2001-2005 Cosmology, religious belief surrounding health, illness, death, afterlife, the curse, murder

2001-2005 Samburu prophets including as related to death of British rancher Powys

2001-2008 Oral history related to adornment & material culture, clan and lineage history, migration, warfare

2004-2009 Coalitional lethal violence including aspects of gender and women's roles in violence, raid accounts, emotions related to violence

2008-2011 Impact of drought and violence on family and livestock health and vulnerability - Samburu and Pokot

2012 Relationships between grandparents and the children tasked with assisting them

2015-2017 Teen emotional and physical vulnerability and daily life

2015-2017 Emotional lives of warriors - combat experiences