Baringo Bilinda on elephant cell signal

The Samburu Warrior Health project was funded by Western Michigan University. All data was collected by Bilinda Straight, Jen Farman, and Cecilia Root.

In addition to Jen Farman and Cecilia Root, collaborators include Belinda Needham (University of Michigan School of Public Health), Georgiana Onicescu (WMU Statistics), Amy Naugle (WMU Psychology), Todd Barkman (WMU Biological Sciences), Charles Olungah (University of Nairobi, Kenya), and Stephen Lekalgitele (Laikipia University, Kenya)

Cattle-camp participant-observation was included. Follow up work is ongoing. The total number of Samburu warriors is 85.

1. 2015: Empathy experiment, 48 warriors.

2. 2015: Combat interviews, psychological instrumentation, 85 warriors.

3. 2015: epigenetic sampling; analyses completed 2016.

4. 2016: Combat corroboration, group interviews on combat planning and procedures.