2006-2007     WMU Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support Fund (FRACAS). “Engineering of Catalytic Site into a Self-Assembling Bacterial Protein”. Award Amount: $10,000 Role: Principal Investigator.

2006-2007     WMU President’s Innovation Fund proposal competition. “To Establish a Center for Nano-Enabled Instrumentation and Nanofabrication.” Proposal was selected as one of seven finalists and was funded on Feb. 15, 2006 for $383,000. PI: Dr. Subra Muralidharan. Co-PIs: Dr. Nora Berrah, Dr. Sherine Obare, Dr. Brian Tripp, Dr. Dongil Lee, Dr. Yirong Mo.

2005-2006     WMU-Distributed Computing Plan (DCP) Equipment Fund. Awarded 3 Apple G4 iBook laptop computers and one Hewlett-Packard laser printer for use in the BIOS 6250 Molecular Biology Laboratory course. Laptops may also be used in other lecture courses for molecular graphics demonstrations, website searches and other computer exercises. Role: Principal Investigator.

2004-2006     W. M. Keck Foundation. “Fundamental Investigation of The Role of Line Tension in Nanotechnology.” Award amount: $500,000 + $500,000 in WMU matching funds. PI: Dr. Subra Muralidharan. Co-PIs: Dr. Brian Tripp, Dr. Karim Essani, Dr. Yirong Mo and Dr. Dongil Lee.

2003-2004     2003 WMU – DCP Equipment Fund. “Proposal to the 2003 DCP Equipment Fund to Establish a Computational Chemistry Lab (CCL)” . Award amount: $17,000. six Dell OptiPlex GX260 PC computers with installed software including Gaussian03, GaussView, ChemOffice and MS Office for development of a new Computational Modeling and Simulation Lab intended to provide computational modeling tools for training and research use by graduate students in the Depts. of Chemistry and Biological Sciences. PI: Dr. Yirong Mo. Co-PI: Dr. Brian Tripp.

2002-2003     Society of Biomolecular Screening Small Grant. “Development of an Academic HTS Methods Laboratory Course at Western Michigan University”. Award Amount: $18,000. Funds were used to develop a new High Throughput Screening Experimental Methods laboratory course as part of graduate curriculum of the Molecular Biotechnology High-Throughput Screening Master’s Program at Western Michigan University. This course was designed to use carbonic anhydrase as model enzyme to screen a library of compounds for potential inhibitors. Role: Principal Investigator.

2002-2005     National Science Foundation 0139204 “Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) - Environmental Signal Transduction” This WMU project supported summer internships at Western Michigan University for undergraduate students without opportunities for a research experience at their undergraduate institution. My role as one of 18 Faculty Mentors during the term of the grant was to provide a research project that involved the use of molecular biology and protein chemistry methods. Principal Investigators: Dr. Susan Stapleton and Dr. Stephen Malcolm. Role: Participating Faculty Mentor (1 of 18).

2002-2003     WMU Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support Fund (FRACAS). “Engineering of Novel Enzymes via High Throughput Methodologies”. Award Amount: $10,000. Role: Principal Investigator.