Raghu Ram V. Malapaka ( BIOS Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares agar plates for motility screening of flagellin protein deletion mutants in Salmonella bacteria.


Arun Ranganathan (M.Sc. candidate, Molecular Biotechnology HTS program), enthusiastically pipettes enzyme samples for a high throughput format 96-well plate.


Visiting Scientist Darryl Chapman poses next to the CCS Packard PlateTrak robotic liquid handling system in the HTS Research and Training Facility.


K.J.M. Thilak Kumara (CHEM Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares to run an SDS-PAGE gel to analyze expression of his FliTrx engineered flagellin protein mutants.


Undergraduate NIH BRIDGES program student Leslie Adebayo (Kalamazoo Valley Community College) demonstrates the proper posture for using a pipettor for long periods of time at the bench.


Jared Orwenyo (CHEM Dept. M.Sc. candidate) prepares to load a fresh set of tips on the PlateTrak instrument prior to dispensing compounds for a carbonic anhydrase inhibition assay.


Rema Iyer (BIOS Dept. M.Sc. candidate) with glove and face mask, may be a secret fan of pop star Michael Jackson.


Al Barrese (BIOS Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares some microbiology agar plates at his bench, while pondering the mysteries of bacterial transformation.


Shilpa Parakh, ( M.Sc. candidate, Molecular Biotechnology HTS program), analyzes the kinetic data generated with the Molecular Devices SpectraMax plate reader in the HTS Research and Training Facility.


Anusuya Kolavennu (CHEM Dept. M.Sc. candidate)

Ben Turner ( M.Sc. candidate, Molecular Biotechnology HTS program) prepares to take his next shot during a pool game at a social event at the 2003 Society of Biomolecular Screening conference in Portland, OR.