Raghu Ram V. Malapaka ( BIOS Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares agar plates for motility screening of flagellin protein deletion mutants in Salmonella bacteria.


K.J.M. Thilak Kumara (CHEM Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares to run an SDS-PAGE gel to analyze expression of his FliTrx engineered flagellin protein mutants.


Al Barrese (BIOS Dept. Ph.D. candidate) prepares some microbiology agar plates at his bench, while pondering the mysteries of bacterial transformation.

  Jacob Blanchard
  Chandima Bandaranayake
  Steve Oulette

Lab Alumni


  1. Jared Orwenyo MS
  2. Arun Ranganathan MS
  3. Rema Iyer MS
  4. Shilpa Parakh MS
  5. Ben Turner MS
  6. Leslie Adebayo BS Candidate