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Websites for Teachers

Education World
This is a web site that contains many different helpful educational tools for teachers. Some of these tools include lesson planning, professional development, and technology in the classroom. In addition, this site contains a featured program section, which also contains many useful tools for teachers such as an inner link, which links students to top scientists.

This website has a vast array of information for teachers. Some of the topics included are: lesson plans for varied subjects, power-tools, a help site and a sharing site. The sharing site contains lessons submitted by teachers, advice and experiences as well as a conference board information area.

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
This sitecollects and Disseminates information about the education background and experiences of students of diverse racial, ethnic, social class, and linguistic backgrounds in the schools they attend, and in the homes, communities, and the larger society in which they develop.

Education Week
This site includes education features, news, and information. One can also read articles from Teacher Magazine through this site. Special reports are included weekly about the educational goings on in our country. This site also highlights daily news articles related to education from all different newspapers globally. In addition, career and international news are a bonus on this site.

Teachers Talk
This is a survey written by professionals at Indiana University-Center for Adolescent Studies. The survey helps a teacher learn about their classroom management profile. You can then learn more about all of the different management styles.

NETS for Students
Sponsored by the ISTE this website publishes the National Educational Technology Standards for Students - Connecting Curriculum with Technology book which was previously only available in hardcopy format. This is an amazing resource for integratig technology into K-12 learning environments.

Hotlist of Additional CTE Teacher Websites

Hotlist for Teacher Resource Sites

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