A Simple Multiple Intelligence Inventory.
Put an x ( x ) next to those statements which basically are
true about you. 

writing, etc.)
1. ___ I love books.
2. ___ I can mentally hear words even before I speak or write them.
3. ___ I often enjoy radio, CD's, and recording more than TV, movies, or plays.
4. ___ I like word games like Scrabble, Yahtzee, Anagrams, Crosswords, etc.
5. ___ I like to recite tongue twisters, silly rhymes, and puns.
6. ___ People often ask me to speak in common vernacular so the can understand me.
7. ___ English, and classes based on reading (like history) are generally easier for me than math or science.
8. ___ I read the billboards on the highway more than I look at the scenery.
9. ___ I often talk about things I've read or heard (more than what I've seen, or done).
10. __ am proud of what I write. Sometimes I get special recognition for my writing.
SCORE: ____

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (LM), Math and
1. ___ I can easily compute numbers in my head.
2. ___ Math and/or science are among my favorite school subjects.
3. ___ I enjoy games and brainteasers that involve math.
4. ___ I enjoy creating little "what if" experiments. (e.g. 
 How much can I save if I skip buying desert at lunch for a week? What will happen to my average if I score below a 90% on this test?)
5. ___ My mind searches for and finds patterns, rules, or logical sequences in things.
6. ___ I'm interested in new developments in science.
7. ___ I believe that almost everything has a rational explanation.
8. ___ I sometimes think in abstract concepts (rather than words or images).
9. ___ I like finding logical flaws in things people say or do (this doesn't mean being negative).
10. __ I feel I know something better when it has been
 measured, categorized, analyzed or quantified in some way.

Spatial Intelligence (Art, Design, etc.)
1. ___ I often see clear visual images when I close my eyes.
2. ___ I am sensitive to color.
3. ___ I like to take pictures with a camera or camcorder.
4. ___ I like jigsaw puzzles, mazes, or other visual puzzles.
5. ___ I have vivid dreams at night.
6. ___ I can generally find my way around when I am in new places.
7. ___ I draw and doodle.
8. ___ I like geometry better than algebra.
9. ___ I can easily visualize a birds-eye view of a location.
10.___ I prefer books and reading materials that have lots of illustrations.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (dance, gymnastics, sports, 
1. ___ I participate in at least one sport or physical activity on a regular basis.
2. ___ I find it difficult to stay still for long periods of time.
3. ___ I like to use my hands creatively at activities such as sewing, or carving, carpentry or model building.
4. ___ My best ideas often come to me when I am out for a long walk, jogging, working out, or engaged in some other physical activities.
5. ___ I often like to spend my free time outdoors.
6. ___ I use hand gestures and body language when I talk to people.
7. ___ I like to hold or touch things to learn more about them.
8. ___ I like the daredevil rides (like roller coaster) at amusement parks, and other thrilling experiences (like surfing, or mountain biking).
9. ___ I am well coordinated.
10. __ To learn a new skill I need to do it, rather than just hear about it or see it done.

Musical Intelligence
1. ___ I have a good singing voice.
2. ___ I can tell when a note is off-key or out of pitch.
3. ___ I listen to music a lot.
4. ___ My life would be much less happy without music.
5. ___ I often have a tune running though my mind.
6. ___ I can easily keep time with a song, tapping, playing a percussion instrument, etc.
7. ___ I know lots of melodies to songs or musical compositions.
8. ___ If I hear a song once or twice, I can usually play or sing most of the melody.
9. ___ I often make tapping sounds or sing or hum when I am studying or working.
10. __ I play a musical instrument.
SCORE: _____

Interpersonal Intelligence (political, leadership, public
relations, etc.)
1. ___ People come to me for advice, or to tell me their worries.
2. ___ I prefer group sports (like soccer or football) to solo sports (like jogging or swimming).
3. ___ I seek out friends of professional help (teachers, counselors, etc.) to help me solve my problems rather than trying to work it out by myself.
4. ___ I have at least three close friends.
5. ___ I prefer social games such as Monopoly or Magic over individual recreation like solitaire or video games (when played alone).
6. ___ I like to contribute ideas or projects in class, and I like to show others how to do things.
7. ___ I am a leader.
8. ___ I like being in a crowd.
9. ___ I like to get involved with clubs and other social gatherings.
10. __ I'd rather spend my evenings at a party or with
 friends than be at home by myself.
SCORE: _____

Intrapersonal Intelligence (Insightful, spiritual, sympathetic)
1. ___ I like to meditate, pray, or just think about things
2. ___ I have received counseling or gone to groups to learn more about myself.
3. ___ I am able to handle setbacks. I am resilient.
4. ___ I have a special hobby or interest that keeps me pretty much to myself.
5. ___ I have a clear idea of who I am and what my talents or weaknesses are.
6. ___ I have personal goals which I think about often.
7. ___ I am insightful and can sympathize or empathize with other people's feelings.
8. ___ I am strong willed and independent.
9. ___ I keep a diary or journal of my inner life (thoughts and feelings.)
10. __ I prefer school assignments that allow me to chose what I want to do.
SCORE: _____

Naturalistic Intelligence (a new addition to Gardener's
Multiple Intelligence Inventory)
1. ___ I like to recycle things.
2. ___ I participate in or follow the news about a political activist group of some kind which supports ecology and/or natural living.
3. ___ I enjoy programs and/or magazines that have to do with nature.
4. ___ I enjoy hiking and camping.
5. ___ I like New Age products and ideas.
6. ___ I feed the birds or plan my flower garden to attract butterflies.
7. ___ I am concerned about the depletion of the rain forest, the ozone layer, and pollution.
8. ___ I am fascinated by native cultures that teach that man is part of nature.
9. ___ I like vegetarian food because it is healthier.
10. ___I support human rights, animal rights, and protecting trees.
SCORE: ___
Could you please copy all your scores below.

Linguistic ___________
Logical ___________
Spatial ___________
Kinesthetic _________
Musical ____________
Interpersonal _________
Intrapersonal _________
Naturalistic _________