A Look at Learning Styles, and Multiple Intelligences


This is an activity that you will work alone to find your learning styles, multiple intelligences, and true colors personality; and then, using your new knowledge, will work with a partner to explore how you can use this information to be a most-effective teacher. 


We will use three websites to explore learning styles and multiple intelligences. These are:             http://www.howtolearn.com/



1.         Go to the “How to Learn” site.  Choose the link in the right-hand column “Take a Free Learning Styles Quiz.” Fill in your name and e-mail address and take the quiz.  Record your learning style percentages on your profile.


2.         Go to the Surfaquarium site.  Choose Multiple Intelligences Survey from the list of activities.  Go to ‘edit’ and ‘select all’, with the cursor on the selected area, right click and choose ‘copy’.  Open MS Word.  In the new document, click the right mouse button and choose paste.  You now have a document that you can enter text into.  Work through the document following the instructions.  Enter the results on your profile.


3.         Go to the Surfaquarium site.  Get ready for a really neat experience!  Go to Resources/Teachers and choose Multiple Intelligences from the pull-down menu at the top left.  On the diagram you will see different areas.  Use the Overview section to describe each of the multiple intelligences on the Multiple Intelligences section.  Next go to the Intelligences section for some really neat games and activities for each of the intelligences.  Have fun playing using your favorite learning preference and multiple intelligences. 





1.         Learning Style Percentages:

                        Auditory          _____________________________

                        Kinesthetic     _____________________________

                        Visual             _____________________________


            My main learning style is:   ___________________________________


2.         My strongest multiple intelligence is:  ___________________________

            My second multiple intelligence is:  _____________________________


            My weakest multiple intelligence is:  _____________________________


3.         Name the three learning styles and describe each:



Learning Style










4.         Name the eight multiple intelligences and describe each:


Multiple Intelligence