Collegiate Objectives

             When being involved in a university like Western Michigan University, there are many opportunities and people that can help you become whatever you want to be in life; with resources like these, I think it will help me one day of being successful.

            Although graduating from Western with a degree from the college of business for business management is my number one goal, I also plan on achieving more goals. I would also say, while at WMU, I will try and become a better all-around person that can communicate and comprehend different aspects of the real world. Of course, it is in my best interests to obtain a degree, that’s only half of the journey. To me, being a critical thinker a complex world like the one we live in today is as important as getting a degree of any sort. I believe, WMU can change my life with a degree and help me understand the world we live in. Ultimately, I also believe that WMU will help me become a better man in society.