America is one of the most progressive countries on the planet Earth. Everywhere you go, America is a superpower in the finical world. This is a positive thing for our country because it creates a lot of competition between one another. Competition helps our country prevail and express innovative ways to make the world a better place. America’s industrial economy is booming, and it may seem like a flawless plan, but is there a cost to pay?

Around the world, America is known for its booming economy but also it’s bad reputation for polluting the Earth. Many countries are quick to point the finger at the USA for global warming.

In the last 50 years, the Earth is slowly increasing in temperature and some scientists have concluded all the wear-and-tear that has been put on the Earth’s atmosphere is finally being out to the test. With many pollutes in the air, some say this is causes the Earth to trap the Sun’s heat causing the Earth to slowly get warmer.

Critics may say that global warming isn’t something to worry about because who doesn’t like warmer weather. Although warmer weather may seem nice, there are precautions to the Earth becoming warmer. Increasing the atmosphere is critical to places that are naturally cold; this causes many glaciers to melt and it has been observed that ice caps are decreasing in size.  This is a direct effect on our oceans world-wide. These ice caps are causing an increase in ocean elevation. There are many places around the earth that are below sea-level, causing a increase in floods because of the increasing ocean levels. This isn’t the only problem with a warmer environment. Warmer seas are breeding grounds for hurricanes. Over the last three decades, hurricanes have increased by 80%. These warmer weathers cause for more frequent hurricanes and more intense hurricanes.  

What are the other effects of hurricanes? It also has been noted that the warmer environment is causing more natural wild fires. Wild fires are known have costs over 1 billion dollars in damage.


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