Collegiate Objective
WMU was a great choice for me for many reasons. I decided to come here because it was not too close but also not too far away from home. I also came here because I wanted to pursue a career in business and WMU has a great business college. I have made many new friends not only through baseball but through school as well. I have met people down my hall and in other halls as well. People here are very fun and easy to talk to. I have had a great time so far in my first two semesters being able to play baseball and being able to have a great campus experience. Playing baseball was the big reason i came to Western but not the only reason alot of my friends from back home came here and told me it is a great time. Having friends going to Western makes life easier in the begining and when all my baseball friends are gone with their girl friends. In the beginning of the year i was nervous meeting all the baseball players and it was tough to go through playing sports and doing homework. Although this is school is fun and baseball is fun school is my first priotity and we all came here for our education first.