Collegiate Objective

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From a personal standpoint, in college I would like to be as successful as I can in athletics and academics.  Being on the basketball team can make this difficult especially when I am missing classes.  In addition, with this being the first time I have lived alone, I want to learn the ropes when it comes to being independent and not having anyone to take care of my business for me.  In addition, I want to practice being responsible on my own so I can set up a successful future for myself.

From a professional standpoint, my goal is to earn my degree in Business Management and do so with a 4.0 grade point average.  I am hoping my gpa will set up more opportunities for me in the future since I don’t have much time to do extra-curricular academic activities due to being on the basketball team.  I plan on getting an internship somewhere in my career here at Western.  By the time I have graduated, my contacts from being on the basketball team, gpa, and internship(s) will be more than enough to offer me multiple career options and land a successful profession in the near future.

Brandon Pokley