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Hi, my name is Cristal Klein, I am a freshman here at Western. I am from Rochester, Mi. I was a gymnast for about 17 years, I competed nationally, and through my high school, but after my senior year, I had to let my passion for gymnastics go, because I had injured my back. As I came to Western not knowing what I wanted to do in life, but now I have decided to go into the field of Nursing. There are many reasons that I have chose to go into the Nursing feild, but the main reason because I want to help many people, at steps at a time, as much as possably can. I know it is hard freshman to adjust to the college life, trust me I am there. It is up to you, how you manage your experiences here, and how create your new life.

"College is about the work and effort you put into it, to make your life possable"- Cristal Klein

In the future, I will be posting my resume or portfolio on this website. Feel free to e-mail me-