Fernand Leger in the Museum

Eventually this page will be a guide to all paintings by Fernand Leger hanging in musuems in the U.S. and Europe, perhaps with illustrations of some, information about and links to the museums, etc.

A start has been made on this project, listing the holdings of a number of American museums owning paintings done by Leger prior to 1922.

Want to buy a painting or print by Leger? Or just see what's available? Try http://fernandleger.choicenetworld.com/.

Meanwhile, you can look at a reproduction of one of the paintings which eventually will be listed, a version of Les Constructeurs (1950) owned by the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

Or you can look at a reproduction of another painting featuring one of Leger's favorite later themes, Acrobats and Musicians (1945) owned by the Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas.

Another of Leger's later works--featuring another of his major themes--The Great Parade, owned by the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, can be viewed here thanks to the "blunet.it/galleria" which includes reproductions of at least 50 painters, modern and not so modern.

[And Working Once More] Or you can view six Leger paintings representing several periods of work in a "gallery." Unfortunately, this site--which has similar "galleries" for many other artists--does not give dates and locations for the paintings.

Or you can find links to 10 Leger paintings at a very interesting Texas website.

Or you can view the definitive state of Leger's "Woman Holding a Vase" (1927), also owned by the Gugenheim; this is my own first scanning attempt.

Or you can view "Le Mecanicien," (19??) my second attempt to provide an image on my own pages (with help from my colleague, Seamus Cooney.

The University of Michigan has a website presenting images of art works in their collections; these include one drawing by Leger and four of his graphic works.

Links to a number of sites containing information about Leger or images of his works can be found at http://artcyclopedia.com/artists/leger_fernand.html.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated: Norm Carlson

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