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Western Michigan University


Row the boat


Born and raised in commerce township michigan. I was raised being a sports fanatic who lived to be on the ice. My first love was most definitely hockey and still continue to play to this day. I went to lakeland highschool where i furthered my playing career on the lakeland eagels varsity team. I also played football, basketball, ran track, cross country and anything that kept me moving. I'm a huge advacate of physical fitness and enjoy working my stress off with strengthing and conditioning my body in the gym. I love to travel from international destinations to national landmarks and get away vacations. I visit my family in Fort Myers, Florida on the regular as well as friends and family from Colorado, California, Canada and ect.. Im half Polish but also part French Canadian, German, Native American, and a wee bit Irish. I strive to do as many outdoor activities as possible from all lake activities to backpacking, hiking, camping, kayaking, and white water rafting. I love puppy dogs and long walks on the beach.


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my dog as a puppy, and walks on the beach






western michigan university

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