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Christopher C. Cheatham
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Ph.D. Kent State University (2000)
M.S. Ball State University (1997)
B.S. Miami University (1995)

HPER Department
1064 Student Recreation Center
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
TEL:  (269) 387-2542
FAX:  (269) 387-2704

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Research Interests:

My primary research interests are in the areas of environmental physiology and the influence of exercise on plasma volume.

Other areas of interest include:

  • The influence of nicotine on human performance

  • The lactate and ventilatory thresholds


Current Projects:

The Influence of an Acute Dose of Aspirin on Cold-Induced Vasodilation
Researchers:  Christopher C. Cheatham (PI) and Jealyn Foston (Undergraduate Student)
Funding Source:  Western Michigan University NIH Bridges Program

Nicotine and Thermoregulation During Acute Heat Exposure
Researchers:  Christopher C. Cheatham (PI), Steve Ball (Graduate Student), Ryo Tahara (Graduate Student)
Funding Source:  Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support Fund, Office of the Vice-President of Research, Western Michigan University


Recent Publications:

Cheatham, C.C., N. Caine, M. Blegen, E.S. Potkanowicz, G.H. Kamimori, J.L. Marcinkiewicz, R. Otterstetter, M. Kalinski and E.L. Glickman.  The effects of nicotine on the metabolic and hormonal responses during acute cold exposure.  Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.  17(3):  147-157, 2006.

Miller, M.G., J.J. Herniman, M. Ricard, C.C. Cheatham and T.J. Michael.  The effects of a 6-week plyometric training program on agility.  Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.  5(3):  459-465, 2006.

Mendel, R.W., M. Blegen, C. Cheatham, J. Antonio and T. Ziegenfuss.  Effects of creatine on thermoregulatory responses while exercising in the heat. Nutrition.  21(3):  301-307, 2005.

Malison, E.R., D.M. Plank, J.D. Brown, C.C. Cheatham, and A.D. Mahon.  Running performance in middle-school distance runners. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.  44(4):  383-388, 2004.

Cheatham, C.C., N. Caine-Bish, M. Blegen, E.S. Potkanowicz, and E.L. Glickman.  Nicotine effects on thermoregulatory responses of men and women during acute cold exposure.  Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine.  75(7):  589-595, 2004.  


Recent Grants:

Cheatham. C.C.  Nicotine and Thermoregulation During Acute Heat Exposure.  Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support Fund (FRACAS), Office of the Vice-President of Research, Western Michigan University.
July 2007-July 2008
Amount:  $7,621

Cheatham, C.C. (PI) and T.J. Michael (Co-PI).  Acquisition of Equipment to Support the Study of Environmental Conditions on Human Physiology and Performance.  Department of Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP).  Army Research Office.
May 2006-May 2007
Amount:  $190,200

Cheatham, C.C. (PI) and E.L. Glickman-Weiss.  The effects of nicotine on the thermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic responses during cold exposure.  Herbert N. Hultgren Award.  The Wilderness Medical Society.
August 1999-August 2000
Amount:  $4,000



My research is conducted in the Exercise Science Laboratory at Western Michigan University.

The laboratory includes the following equipment:

  • Environmental Testing Chamber (Thermotron, Inc., Holland, MI) (11' x 11' room in which temperature can be precisely controlled between -20C and 85C and relative humidity can be controlled between 25% and 85%)

  • Ventilated Sweat Capsule System (QSweat, WR Medical Electronics, Co., Stillwater, MN) (A system to measure real-time sweat rate)

  • Laser Doppler Flowmetry System (moorLAB, Moor Instruments, Devon, UK) (A system to measure skin blood flow)

  • Metabolic Measurement System (TrueOne, ParvoMedics, Sandy, UT) (A system to measure metabolic rate, oxygen consumption, heat production)

  • Temperature Monitoring System (IsoThermex, Columbus Instruments, Columbus, OH) (A 16 channel thermocouple data longer for the monitoring of core and skin temperatures)

  • Data Acquisition System (PowerLab, ADInstruments Inc., Colorado Springs, CO)

  • Treadmill, Cycle Ergometer

  • Underwater Weighing Tank

  • Biochemistry and Blood Analysis Equipment

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