Collegiate Objectives

I am pursuing an education at WMU, because I believe that WMU has a lot to offer for me academically, and they have the credentials it takes to start tbe career I am interested in. I believe that my work goes beyond the classroom and I will be involved in a lot of different oppotunities at WMU that will help me gain the experience I need and help me excel in my field of study. I have set a few colliegiate goals that I will try to achieve throughout my career at WMU. One of my goals is to build and maintain my GPA above what is requried at the Haworth College of Business and never let myself settle for less. Another goal I have is to begin early on every assignment I am given and if possible, turn them in before the deadline and never after the deadline. I hope to discover myself through my career at WMU and continue to grow and improve that self and make the best of life. Throughout my career at WMU, I will become and strive to be a member of various registered student organizations and get involved within and without my major and help the community. Obviously, my main goal is to be involved in organizations that focus on my career pathway, but I also would like to join organizations thats objectives focuses on helping and giving back to the community. Given these opportunities, I will become more involved within my major and I will have several networking opportunities that will help me better myself and give me further opporunities possibly in my future career. When all is said and done and I graduate from college in the next coming years, I will feel accomplished and I will know I did all I could possibly do and through all the opportunities I took advantage of, I know that there will be coporations and employers who are seeking me out and are giving me chances to be apart of them and get my career started.