Something that I connect to on a high level that also connects to my future intentions is cleaning up the community and giving back. As an 18 year old college student I have not always take pride in giving back to the community and making a difference. When I was in high school and even younger I always volunteered with different organizations within my community including the church and I was also giving back. I feel like since I have left for school this fall I have not really given any effort or thought into giving back and helping my new community in Kalamazoo. There are several opportunties within Western Michigan University to give back to the Kalamazoo community and there are also opportunities outside the university that I am going to take advamtage of whether it be now or in my future, my intentions are great. One volunteer opportunity that I was able to get involved in within the business college this semester was the cleaning of the headstones for local veterans around the Kalamazoo/Augusta area for upcoming Veteran's Day.  In recent years, Kalamazoo has suffered from a major tragedy that has put its community in heavy danger. The Kalamazoo river suffered from a major oil spill that spread throughout the west side of the state. "That change of venue is encouraging. More encouraging is the forward motion on cleaning up the Kalamazoo River. The Kalamazoo has languished for too long on the Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund list, the roster of the country's most polluted places." (Grand Rapids Press) This quote from the Grand Rapids Press made me think of how difficult this tragedy was for the Kalamazoo community and how hard it was to get help to clean up. I am aware that this tragedy occured a number of years ago, but Kalamazoo is still facing consequences from it and the community is still facing hardships from other things. My intentions for helping this community are huge. I have the opportunity to attend a well recognized university within this community and I believe that it is the responsibility of the people of Kalmazoo and the students at WMU to give back to the community and change the image that Kalamazoo has at the time. I am going to continue on my path and give back to the community and my future intentions when I get into my job field will be great because my employer and everyone knows that I volunteer to improve my community and give back and I beleive that that will give me the advantage over others in this community and in the business world.


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