Collegiate Objective
I entered WMU to find my real self, and figure out what I wanted to do. I want to start a career that is for sure, but I came here for more than just that. I came to WMU to find friends, things that interest me, and a different kind of living. In todays world, for most jobs you need that degree to get a job. My interest is in the sales and marketing field. So that is what I am pursuing. Like I said i came to WMU to find the real me as well. Sometimes I may not like my friends, or they may not like me, but I hope through everything that happens here I find the new me. As an individual, and in the business world. I want to be a salesman. WMU gives me the tools I need to fullfill that desire. They have a great college of business and that is why I chose this school. I want to learn enough to have a satisfying career ahead of me as a salesman. I want to get involved with some of the business societies that they have to offer here, to help me better understand what I want to do. I hope to develop a whole new set of skills to help me strive towards my goal to be a salesman here at WMU.