Research-Based Instructional Strategies

  • PI, “Assessing the Impact of the Iowa State HHMI Project 2.0”, subcontract to Iowa State University HHMI award, $117,684 awarded for the period 10/1/14 to 9/30/19. HHMI Logo

  • PI, “Assessing the Impact of the UM REBUILD Project”, subcontract to University of Michigan NSF award, $103,699 awarded for the period 10/1/14 to 9/30/16. NSF NSF

  • Co-Director (with A. Beach, Co-Director), “Fulfilling the Promise: Institutional Transformation to Support Student Success”, US Department of Education, $3,217,512 awarded for the period 10/01/14 to 9/30/18.Dept of Ed

  • PI (with A. Beach, T. Greene, M. Grunert, and S. Stapleton, Co-PIs), “WIDER: EAGER: Evidence-based Instructional Practices at WMU: An Examination of Instructor Practices, Institutional Climate, and Social Networks.”, NSF#1256505, $299,536 awarded for the period 9/15/12 to 8/31/14. NSF NSF NSF
  • PI, “Collaborative Research: Sustainable Diffusion of Research-Based Instructional Strategies: A Rich Case Study of SCALE-UP”, NSF#1223564, $190,852 awarded for the period 9/1/12 to 8/31/15. (This is one of three collaborative proposals, with total project funding of $599,991.  Collaborating PIs are M. Dancy, University of Colorado Boulder, and B. Beichner, North Carolina State University.) NSF NSF NSF
  • PI “Collaborative Research: Increasing the Impact of TUES Projects through Effective Propagation Strategies: A How-To Guide for PIs”, NSF#1122446, $506,206 awarded for the period 1/1/12 to 12/31/15.  (This is the lead of three collaborative proposals, with total project funding of $814,878.  Collaborating PIs are R. Cole, University of Iowa, and J. Froyd, Texas Engineering Experiment Station.) NSF NSF NSF NSF
  • PI “Physics Education Research Funding Census”, Physics Education Research Leadership and Organizing Council, American Association of Physics Teachers, $2000 awarded for the period 5/1/11 to 8/31/11.AAPT Logo
  • PI “Assessing the Impact of the Iowa State HHMI Project”, subcontract to Iowa State HHMI award, $114,216 awarded for the period 11/14/10 to 8/31/14. HHMI Logo
  • Co-PI (with M. Borrego, PI, and M. Prince, Co-PI) “Collaborative Research: Use and Knowledge of Research-Based Instructional Strategies (RBIS) in Engineering Science Courses”, NSF#1037671, $150,001 awarded for the period 9/1/10 to 8/31/12. NSF NSF NSF
  • Co-PI (with M. Dancy, PI) “Collaborative Research: From Dissemination to Adoption: A Study of the Instructional Change Process in Faculty Most Likely to Succeed”, NSF #1022186 and #1022806 , $249,998 awarded for the period 8/15/10 to 7/31/13.  NSF NSF NSF
  • PI (with M. Dancy, co-PI), “Understanding Instructor Practices and Attitudes Towards the Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies In Introductory College Physics”, NSF #0715698, $331,143 awarded for the period 1/1/08 to 12/31/11.  NSF NSF NSF
  • PI (with H. Fynewever and H. Petcovic, co-PIs) “Identifying the Impacts of ATE Centers on Their Home Institutions: An Exploratory Study”, Subaward from University of Colorado-Boulder under NSF # 0832874, $102,428 awarded for the period 10/1/08 to 7/31/11.  NSF NSF NSF
  • Co-PI (with H. Fynewever, PI, and H. Petcovic, co-PI) “Alignment of Secondary Science Teacher Practice and Materials in the Battle Creek Region”, Michigan Department of Education, $215,682 awarded for the period 11/1/07 to 7/31/09.  MDE
  • PI (with A. Beach, N. Finkelstein, R. S. Larson, co-PIs), “Facilitating Change in Higher Education: A Multidisciplinary Effort to Bridge the Individual Actor and System Perspectives”, NSF #0623009, Awarded $97,011 for the period 1/1/07 to 12/31/09. NSF NSF NSF
  • Co-PI (with A. Beach, PI, and N. Finkelstein, co-PI), “STEM Educational Change Efforts in Higher Education: A Meta-Synthesis of Activities, Strategies, Concepts, and Theories across Disciplines”, NSF #0723699, $198,379 awarded for the period 9/15/07 to 9/14/10. NSF NSF NSF
  • Co-PI (with D. Schuster, PI, and P. Vellom, co-PI), “Integrated Apprenticeship in the Teaching of Elementary Science (IATES)”, National Science Foundation, NSF #0536536, $199,517 for the period 7-1-06 to 6-30-09. NSF NSF NSF
  • Co-PI (with H. Fynewever, PI), “Reforming High School Science Teaching: A Focus on Instructional Activities that are not Easily Observable”, NASA-Michigan Space Grant Consortium. Awarded $5,000 for the period 4-1-06 to 4-1-07. MSGC
  • PI, Research Development Award,  Western Michigan University, $2,500 awarded from 5/1/05 to 12/31/06. WMU
  • PI, “Resources for the Professional Development of Physics Faculty”, WMU Faculty Research and Creative Activities Support Fund.  Awarded $9,881.78 for the period 5/5/03 to 5/2/04. WMU
  • Co-PI (with R. Poel, PI and M. Fetters, co-PI), “Constructing Science Understanding in an Elementary Magnet School Faculty”, Michigan Department of Education.  Awarded $98,956 for the period 12/1/02 to 12/31/03.  MDE
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