Small Businesses
Many times small businesses in the United States have gotten their hopes up in the hope that they would become a part of the bigger picture. In May of 2010 Barack Obama was planning to get the small businesses of the United States involved with the new plan to increase exports by five percent in the near future (Girard, 2010). Keith Girard says that the best way for small businesses in any place to get their name out there is to start to export their goods. This can also increase a small businesses sales by a large amount. Small businesses with less than 500 employees only make up roughly 30 percent of the United States exports (Girard, 2010). Many small businesses that could be exporting were choosing not to because for a couple of reasons. Those being, not knowing where to start, fear of not getting paid, and not knowing if their concerns would be met (Girard, 2010). For many small businesses that do export they do so off of their own money, not money that they had to borrow from a bank.
The main problem for these businesses not getting involved in exporting is the fact that very few businesses know of the opportunities that are out there to export. There are many options for small businesses to become involved in exporting goods but they just need to be made aware of them. One helpful program for small businesses to become involved is that the Small Businesses Administration puts on export programs, which can help businesses become more involve on what they can do to export their goods (Girard, 2010). If there were an increase in the exports for small businesses it could potentially lead to more jobs for United States citizens.
As people can see there is a problem with letting small businesses know that they have the opportunity to export their goods and increase their sales. If small businesses became more involved with exporting goods it could potentially help the United States economy and even help decrease the unemployment rate in the United States.
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