Collegiate Objective

                I came to college for many different reasons. One of the reasons is to of course get an education.  Before attending college I had my mind set on becoming a nurse. Once I actually had a biology class I quickly had a change of heart. I already knew that I loved the subject math so I figured I would change my major to accounting. What better place to learn about a field of interest other than college? I also came to college for the experience. In college there are many different obstacles that you face. You go through many different friendships, some go through relationship issues, and many other things.  Most people say that college is where you find lifetime friends. Being here for three years I believe that I have truly found true, real friends that I will be there for me through anything.

                On a more professional level, I want my college experience to guide me in the right direction in becoming successful. I want the knowledge that I have to take me far. I don’t think no one comes to college for no reason at all, I believe many people just want to be successful. I would like to get involved in different business organizations that will also broaden up my knowledge and possibly open doors for me in the accounting and business world. My whole college experience will help me succeed and achieve everything that I want to in the near future.