Collegiate Objectives

                I have always wanted to come to a University right out of high school. Coming from a small town of St. Clair, Michigan, going off to college is a big change. I was planning to attend Central Michigan University right out of high school. I never even considered Western Michigan University. After visiting both schools, my mind was made up, I would attend Western Michigan University. What made me choose WMU? Everything. I love everything about WMU. I feel right at home, the campus is amazing, I truly believe in being a “heads up campus”, and the Haworth College of Business offers so many great programs and opportunities.

 I have always wanted to attend a university with high caliber athletic programs. I have played hockey my entire life so I was really looking forward to watching the Broncos on the ice. Even though the 2012-13 football season was not a positive one, I was also really looking forward for the football program to turn it around. Baseball is also a passion of mine, so it is nice to hear that the baseball program has very successful since establishing. Although I have never played basketball I still enjoy the college atmosphere at these games. The basketball team is probably one of the most successful programs at WMU in recent years. The excitement I have for these programs are not even including the facilities they have. WMU offers top notch facilities to their athletes and fan bases. The hockey team plays out of Lawson Ice Arena, baseball out of Robert J. Bobb Stadium, the basketball team out of Herbert Read Fieldhouse, and football plays out of Waldo Stadium. A bonus to the athletic programs are the highly national ranked student sections. There is nothing better than being involved in the WMU student sections.

The most important part of picking WMU as my university to attend is HCoB. After looking into the business college I was very pleased with the majors, programs, and opportunities they offer. I plan to major in Food and Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing, one of the best business programs WMU offers. My goal is to graduate with a high GPA and take over my family business.