Conceptual model and development process metamodel

Safety Case pattern and weaving table


GPCA Safety Case

SPIRIT Project


SPIRIT Framework Overview:

The framework SPIRIT consists of two features: the validation of a safety case pattern and the generation of a safety case argument. The validation feature ensures that a safety case pattern can be correctly applied to an infusion pump system according to the development process used to develop that system, via a weaving model.


Central to SPIRIT is to utilize safety case patterns to enable the mechanized and consistent generation of safety cases for the same type of systems. Beside the safety case pattern, SPIRIT requires two additional inputs: a guidance metamodel, in the format of a UML class diagram, to denote the guidance and remediate the stakeholders difference in interpreting the guidance; and a development process metamodelthat defines how a manufacturer designs their infusion pump. Thus, SPIRIT can weave a safety case pattern, the guidance metamodel, and a development process metamodel together to
generate a safety case that enhance the argument of an infusion pumps conformance to the guidance.