Ever since high school, I have always had an interest in the Marketing field. Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products and services to customers. I have been interested in this field because I am passionate about promoting products in order to make a profit. When I came to Western Michigan University, I knew that I had to choose a career with a decent job outlook. It is important to understand job outlooks on job preferences because everyone wants to get employed into a career they have desire for. My future intention is to pursue a career in Marketing because of the high outlook in positions and the field interests me.
This career has always had an interest to me. Marketing is a great career because every company needs a Marketer. Since I have been at Western Michigan University, my intentions in Marketing have increased significantly. By looking at sources, I have decided that I would like to pursue a career in this field. In an article from the Western Michigan University library, executives surveyed by Dunhill Personnel System Inc stated, “employment levels in sales, marketing, and advertising will grow during the next five years and outpace increases in other departments…” (Dunhill Personnel System Inc, 1). Stated in the article, it is very important to get a degree that offers many careers. Having a degree that is willing to attract employers is very important because college graduates want to be hired as soon as they graduate.
A career in Marketing is considered to be a great career in today’s society because it is everywhere we look. With the breakout of technology, Marketing has increased drastically because of consumer wants and needs. Marketers are more concerned about promoting customer relationships when selling a product or service, so it is important to know what customers want. With technology increasing, Marketing jobs will start to increase. As stated by the Sales Consultants International Inc and Thorndike Deland Associates, “a prosperous job market at all levels of sales and marketing is expected this year…” (American Marketing Association, 1). Job outlook is very important and I think college students should be more aware of this when declaring a major because it really can change someone’s life and success.
Becoming a Marketer has always been an interesting career for me because I can connect with new people, it has high job outlook, and I like promoting products and services. Before confirming a major, I think every student should research if jobs within their majors are increasing or decreasing. Finding out this information is very important because it can affect success and overall happiness.

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