headshot.jpeg Collegiate Objective
One major reason I came to college is to have some great experiences. Coming to college for me was a big step in life. I viewed college as the first step in becoming a successful adult. Not only do I want to learn academically, but I also xame to college to learn life lessons. I know during my journey I will meet many new people and come across many new frontiers. I hope that  these experiences will help me to grow into te man that I aspire to be. College in my opinion,  will be a challenge academically and socially. Reaching out to achieve more in both aspects will be a story of its own, but it is my belief that walking upon new horizons will teach me more about myself. College will help me figure out who I truly am as an individual and also help me figure out what I genuinely care about. It is my goal to graduate college on the deans list with a degree in Accounting. This is the main task at hand for me while I attendcollege, but I hope that attending college will lead to much more than a degree alone.