2. The following line is an example of which meter?
	The curfew tolls the knell of parting day 

  1. iambic tetrameter
  2. iambic pentameter
  3. trochaic tetrameter
  4. dactyllic pentameter
  5. trochaic pentameter
  6. anapestic tetrameter
  7. anapestic pentameter
  8. dactyllic tetrameter

7 is WRONG.

It's pentameter, right enough, but not anapestic (i.e. not "the cur FEW | tolls the KNELL | ..."). There wouldn't be enough syllables in any case. And suppose, overlooking the mispronunciation of "curfew", we contrived a line like this: "the cur FEW | tolls the KNELL | of the DAY | which is LEAV ing": that would be anapestic (though tetrameter, not pentameter), but would the rhythm seem appropriate to the meaning?

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