3. The following lines exemplify which meter?
        Nor law nor duty bade me fight,
	Nor public men, nor cheering crowds.
	A lonely impulse of delight
	Drove to this tumult in the clouds. 

  1. iambic tetrameter
  2. iambic pentameter
  3. trochaic tetrameter
  4. dactyllic pentameter
  5. trochaic pentameter
  6. anapestic tetrameter
  7. anapestic pentameter
  8. dactyllic tetrameter

8 is WRONG.

You maybe could hear a dactyl at the start of line 4: "DROVE to this | TUM ult in |..." but even there it soon breaks down, and there are no dactyls elsewhere. Also, the serious thoughtful tone would sort ill with a triple rhythm like dactyls.

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