4. The following lines are an example of which meter?
        O young Lochinvar is come out of the west, 	
	Through all the wide Border his steed was the best.       

  1. iambic tetrameter
  2. iambic pentameter
  3. trochaic tetrameter
  4. dactyllic pentameter
  5. trochaic pentameter
  6. anapestic tetrameter
  7. anapestic pentameter
  8. dactyllic tetrameter

8 is WRONG.

"Wrong" is too categoric here. Actually it's a plausible alternative to no. 6, which I've marked as correct. But seeing the line as having four anapests with a missing first unstressed syllable
("[-] oh YOUNG | loch in VAR | is come OUT | of the WEST")
is, I think, more plausible than reading it as dactyls with a left-over strong beat at the end:
" [Oh] | YOUNG loch in | VAR is come | OUT of the | WEST "

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