B 9. The following lines are examples of which meter?
	When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past

  1. iambic tetrameter
  2. iambic tetrameter with substitutions
  3. iambic pentameter
  4. iambic pentameter with substitutions
  5. trochaic tetrameter
  6. trochaic tetrameter with substitutions
  7. trochaic pentameter
  8. trochaic pentameter with substitutions


Shakespeare, sonnet 30.

NOTE: The first line, at least as I read it, is a highly irregular line. It's really only its context (the whole sonnet, the book of Shakespeare's sonnets, even the conventions of the sonnet form) which might justify our calling it an iambic pentameter line as we read it. As the sonnet continues, however, the iambic pentameter norm gets clearly established.
WHEN to the SES sions of SWEET SIL ent THOUGHT
/       - -       / -       - /       / -       /
Irregular as it is, however, I count two iambs in the line, more than any other kind of foot.

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